First Things First.2021.01.10.Sermon by Paul Dawson

9 Jan 2021 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday

Welcome to another of our Sundays on line at Eden Uniting Church.
(The continued COVID19 concerns has meant that our Worship this week will see us remaining exclusively 'On-Line'. If infection numbers continue to decline we will return to face to face services next week, Sunday 17/1.)

On this page you will find all the details for our Worship Service for 2021.01.10.

(Please note that there is a communion element to this service so if you would like to participate, please prepare some bread and wine/juice before you begin.)

We hope the content is encouraging to you as you explore and refresh your trust in Jesus.

1. The Flow of the Worship Service - Here

2. Song 1 - The voice of God by My Soul Amongst Lions

3. Steve's Kid's Talk - When discouraged it is good to remember what God has made, and the order in which God made them. As you listen to this song, and hear what God is capable of, please make a list of the things God made. Also, what did God say about the things that God had made?  I hope you like the song. Blessings, Steve.  Song - My God is so Big.

4. Bible Readings - Here

5. Sermon - First Things First - by Paul Dawson

6. Song after the Sermon - All Praise to him by Sovereign Grace Music

7. Song to introduce the Prayers of Intercession - Breathe on me Breath of God by Thenba

8. Holy Communion (If wanting to participate in the Holy Communion, Please prepare some bread o eat and juice/wine to drink) - at Home - Led by Michael

9. Concluding Music -  (For some Classical Music Pleasure) “The Creation”, Part 1 No 2- “Let there be light”  by Haydn