For those who wish to support the church, you might like to now consider a regular or occasional, online deposit to ......
    St Georges Uniting Church - General A/c,  641800  200354335   
Please put in a notation to indicate 'offertory'.  This would mainly support Michael as the minister. 

Our other mission activities are funded by other means. You can donate to the community pantry online.
    St Georges UC Eden - Community Pantry 634634 100049376.   

For those who wish to contribute to our other outside mission activities the details are St Georges Uniting Church, Mission 641800 200511271.  Our current activities include supporting people sorely affected by bushfires and supporting a parish in the most remote and poorest region in Tanzania.  Please annotate your giving with 'fires' or 'Rukwa' or "Lent Event" etc

Donations to the Community Garden Project can be made via St Georges Uniting Church, Garden 641800 200483303