When did we see you Lord? 22-11-20 Peter

21 Nov 2020 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday

Thanks for joining us online or just reviewing what we have in our physical Sunday services in the hall.  We appreciate you feedback if you use this service so we're always at Contact Us.  Lots of people take part in our services and it's different every week.  
This week we grapple with another surprise of Jesus - the judgement of people who did not recognise him in the needs of humanity.

Service outline including prayers and readings for Reign of Christ Sunday.  Powerpoint

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord - as a prayer

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord - chorus

We're the sheep and Jesus is the shepherd - Children's song

Peter's talk

Kid born in shed saves world

Beauty for brokenness - Graham Kendrick

And as a special treat Bob Dylan and Joan Baez singing Chimes of Freedom (with lyrics) or Bruce Springsteen with Bob Dylan's song