Sunday 2022.03.06.Divine Encounters.Preacher Steve F.

5 Mar 2022 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday

Welcome to the Worship material for Eden Uniting Church. We are thankful for Petra, John, Cheryle, Steve and Michael as they have encouraged us with worship content for today.  Please find linked the following:

1. Order of Worship Service - Complete with link to songs - Here

Designated link for Songs

Opening SONG - His Love endures forever (Give thanks to the Lord)

Song - After the Words of Assurance -  Hear our praises

Concluding SONG: The Summons (Will you come and follow me?)

2. A Reflection for Families, and Youth &Children on Deut.26:1-11 - Here

3.  A Reflection by Steve Faggotter - Divine Encounters

We hope you are blessed by your participation with and engagement in our Worship material.