Sunday 17th October 2021 Not to be served but to serve

16 Oct 2021 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday

Yet another Sunday where we don't meet in person.  Remember to keep up contacts and welcomes.  You can share a lukewarm cuppa and a limp biscuit on our Zoom morning tea.  Michael will include an invitation in his email.  If you would like to receive these invitations to Zoom then go to the Contact form on this website.

So what's good about having to use our services online?  You can  ....

  • play the songs you like over and over or skip parts you don't like.
  • read the reflections again and explore deeper using the links or mentions
  • choose the time that suits you to come to worship
  • engage with the service when you are isolated by distance, or for medical or social reasons
  • come in your fluffy slippers or anything you want to wear
  • listen to the best music instead of the person next to you singing out of tune (not that that really matters but I'm trying to be positive about making a joyful noise)

Have you got any other reasons to add? .  

Service outline including the readings for the day

Children's activity

 Pam's talk - not to be served but to serve

How to talk to science deniers

10,000 reasons - Matt Redman

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