Making Room.Sermon by Allan Gibson.10 May 2020

9 May 2020 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday

Making Room, Sermon by Allan Gibson, 2020.05.10

(Today's Worship Service has 'The Lord's Supper' included so, if you would like to participate, please prepare some bread and juice/wine enough for you and those who will be joining with you.)

Welcome to another of our Eden Uniting Worship Services. We hope this is an important and uplifting experience for you. 

So to our Worship Service for today - Making Room

1. The Order of Service can be found here.

2. Our Opening Song - Give me joy in my heart (Sing Hosanna)

3. Song after the Confession and Words of Assurance - I Believe by Graham Kendrick

4. Making Room - A sermon from Allan Gibson. Text of sermon here.  Video of sermon here
(An activity for Youth and Children - 
Children - draw or create somehow the home that you would want. And list or express the feeling inside that home which would make you happy.
Older children – how will you work towards achiving the home that would make you feel happy?)

5. Song - I heard the Voice of Jesus Say - This link for the Hymn. A Recital from Michael Palmer, which includes a 4th verse, can be found here.

6. Holy Communion - Please make sure you have prepared some bread and juice/wine enough for you and those who will be joining with you.

7. Holy Communion - Song to introduce Communion - My Saviour My God by Aaron Shust

8. Holy Communion. This link for the Order of Service. The Video link is here.

9. Concluding Song - St.Richard's Prayer

10. Morning Tea - Please follow the link off a recent email to join us at our virtual Morning Tea. Apart from just 'catching up' we might consider a conversation around the following:
a. What do we want in our home here on earth.
b. What could we do without or change in our present circumstances?
(These questions f
ollow on from last week about “a just society” the higher levels of the need pyramid’.)