It is all about Love. 17/05/20 Talk by Steve

16 May 2020 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday

Welcome to our online version of the service for today. You can join us on Facebook for a more interactive service,  or if your data runs out there is a hard copy nailed to the church door in Chandos Street!

Join us in our service.

Children’s activity

Some kids in this video were talking about what they drew when they thought about God.
Watch the video, listen to the reading from John 14 in the same video and then have a go at doing a drawing yourself.  You might like to send me a picture of your drawing.  You could make a video of your feelings like these kids did.

Songs for today.  They are mostly new versions of songs that, I'm sure, you nearly know off by heart.
Rejoice the Lord is King
Loves Divine All Loves Excelling
Immortal, Invisible God Only Wise
Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life as mp3 and a document with the words if you need it.

The New Testament readings for today

Steve's talk - It's all about Love

Michael sends a link to a Zoom morning tea in an email. (I provide the virtual biscuits and aromatic coffee)  Please use the Contact Us link if you would like to join.

Your feedback and involvement are always welcome.  If you have music or other content that you would like to introduce please talk to one of the organisers.