How can I but sing!2020.12.13.Sermon by Michael Palmer

12 Dec 2020 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday

How can I but sing!2020.12.13.Sermon by Michael Palmer

Welcome to another Sunday at Eden uniting Church

On this page you will find all the details for our Worship Service.

We hope the content is encouraging to you as you explore and refresh your trust in Jesus.

1. The Flow of the Worship Service- Here

2. Song as we Gather - Strange things Happening Every Day - Vika & Linda

3. Opening Song - Meekness and Majesty - Graham Kendrick

4. Praise Song after prayuer of Confession and Words of Assurance - Tell Out my soul

5. Bible Readings - Here

6. Kid's Talk from Allan Gibson and Song to Follow - The Butterfly Song

7. Song following sermon from Michael Palmer -  : Love the Lord your God!

8. Song in Preparation for Holy Communion - God and Man at Table are sat down

9. Song During Communion - How Can I Keep From Singing - Audrey Assad

10. Song for the Way : How Can I Keep from Singing - NYC Virtual Choir and Orchestra