Follow the one who calls, Sermon from Michael Palmer, 2020.05.03

2 May 2020 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday

Follow the one who calls, Sermon from Michael Palmer, 2020.05.03

Welcome to another of our Eden Uniting Worship Services. We hope this is an important and uplifting experience for you. 

So to our Worship Service for today - Follow the One who calls

The Order of Service can be found here. The links for songs and sermon can be found in the PHF but if you would like the links separately then they are as follows:

1. Opening Song - Something Beautiful by Steve Apirana  (From Steve F - Hello and good morning to you all. I entreat you to enjoy our worship today as we sing or listen to music, pray, read scripture and listen to the message this morning. As God calls us we respond to His great love, aptly demonstrated to us during Easter, and well capsulated in Steve Apirana's Something Beautiful. The verse repeats, if you wish to precede onwards, or just enjoy by closing your eyes and listen to the guitar and conclusion. He gave me beauty for ashes, the oil of joy instead of sadness.

2. Song 2 - Here I am by Michael W Smith (From Steve F - As we continue to respond to Gods call , Michael W Smith leads us in worship , as we continue to navigate through a world broken by self interest and rejection of the Creator.  Light of the world.)

3. Song before the Sermon - River of Love by Rick Price ( From Steve F - Those of you who know me will know I’m a Rick Price fan and have sometimes used this song as a pre-communion song. Somewhat testimonial, Price takes us to the river of love as we continually seek forgiveness,  and renewal through God’s Spirit as we respond to God’s calling. Turn this one up!) 

4. Sermon - ‘Follow the one who calls’ - A sermon by Michael Palmer. Video Link here. PDF link here.

5. A Children's Activity - A fish symbol was and is sometimes used to show that a person is a follower of Jesus. Find out why here.

6. Song 4 - Psalm 23 by Stuart Townend

7. Concluding Song - Anywhere with Jesus - by Amy Grant (From Steve F - A wonderful reminder by Amy Grant that we can safely go anywhere in the light of God through Jesus. God bless you all)

8. Some news from Karen and Kevin - Missionaries who live in Mpanda, Tanzania. Flanagan’s in TZ - April 2020