Coming Into the Light. Sunday 14 March 2021.Sermon by Leone Fairweather

13 Mar 2021 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday

Welcome to the online version of Eden Uniting Church.  We are also meeting in the church each Sunday at 9:30.

COVIDSafe practive means that we are sometimes singing with a mask and sometimes just humming along ....... Sometimes we have live music and sometimes music downloaded from the internet. Today all the music is downloaded from the internet.

We hope you enjoy the content which has been posted on this web page.

1. Order of Worship service - Here

2. Opening Song:  All praise to our redeeming Lord

3. Song of praise after Confession : Eternal light, shine in my heart:

4. Bible Readings - Here

5. Reflective song after the Bible TeachingLook and Live

6. Song before Communion : Help us to accept each other

7. Holy Communion - Text 

8. Concluding Song: I want to walk with Jesus Christ