Brokenness.Good Friday.Pam Skelton.2020.04.10

9 Apr 2020 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday

Welcome to another of our Eden Uniting Worship Services. We hope this is an important and uplifting experience for you. 

So to our Worship Service for today - A Good Friday service - Brokenness

The Order of Service can be found here. The links for songs and the reading can be found in the PDF but if you would like the links separately then you can follow the links below.

1. The Opening Song - O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus
2. The Song after the Words of Assurance - Nothing is Broken
3. The Bible reading from John18 & 19
4. Song to introduce the sermon - Meekness and Majesty
5. Brokenness - A Sermon by Pam Skelton - Video here and PDF here
6. Song in response to the Sermon - We Believe
7. Concluding Song - I danced in the Morning
8. An extra - The Skit Guys on Grace.

(Please feel free to send us comments or encouragements as this will help us improve our online worship experience for all our visitors)