2021.10.10 - Nothing is Hidden. Nothing. Preacher - Leone Fairweather

9 Oct 2021 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday

Eden Uniting is having a Sunday in Church this weekend. But if you cannot come to Eden ...... or are unable to make Church this Sunday with us then you will find all the content of our worship service below. 

(If you do come to Church - remember - Masks indoors and no singing.....)

Order of Worship Service - Here

Bible Readings - Here

Sermon - from Leone Fairweather - Nothing is Hidden. Nothing.

Kid's Talk - by Pat Coates - Here

The three music items that are in the service:

Opening Song - Rock of Ages

Song ofter the Children's Talk - Worms 

Concluding song - Refiner’s Fire - https://youtu.be/9Y8zP34AhuU