Sunday 09 January 2022.Into the water.Chris & Janice

8 Jan 2022 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday including sermons

Welcome to Eden Uniting Church - Worship Content for January 2022. Due to the rise of COVID Case numbers in the Bega Valley Shire we, at Eden Uniting, are gathering for worship, depending on weather conditions, in one of two ways, as follows:

1. If the weather is fine we are holding outdoor services on the Church grounds.

2. If the weather forecast is unfavorable for an outdoor service we are posting Worship Content on-line and then gathering for a virtual morning tea.

On Sunday 9 January 2022 we will be opting for number 2. above.

The content is as follows:

1. Worship Service outline complete with songs - Here

2. Children's Activity - Here

3. Sermon from Chris Dalton - Here