Should we Jump? Sunday 10 August 2020. A Talk by Michael Palmer

8 Aug 2020 by Peter Skelton in: Content from Sunday including sermons

Welcome to another Sunday at Eden uniting Church

On this page you will find all the details for our Worship Service.

We hope the content is encouraging to you as you explore and refresh your trust in Jesus.

1. Gathering Music -Taizè - Aber Du weißt den Weg für mich

2. First Song - Give thanks for a grateful heart - Janella Salvador

3. Bible Readings - Here

And a children's activity based on the gospel passage.


4. Song - Walk by Faith - Praise Band

5. Should we Jump? A dialogue Talk by Michael Palmer

6. Music for Holy Communion -Taizè - Aber Du weißt den Weg für mich

7. Holy Communion - Short Text - Here

8. Song after the benediction -  Anywhere with Jesus by Amy Grant